Project Management

Project Management for Agencies

Agency project management software that helps you control the chaos. Quickly and accurately track the details that matter to ensure your team delivers on time, every time.

Unlock your project managers

An agency’s project managers are the lifeblood of the company. They’re the ones who keep the engine ticking smoothly. Don’t limit them by forcing them to use outdated and inefficient agency project management software. With Function Point, your PMs have all the tools and information they need in one easy to use place.

Gain complete visibility into all your advertising and creative projects

Never worry about missing key information again. Function Point’s ad agency project management software provides one central place to access all your project plans, deadlines, budgets, files, briefs, and resources. Your teams will always have the details they need, empowering them to deliver quality work on time and under budget.

Manage projects the way you want

All project managers have a preference for how they like to plan and oversee their assignments. Whether it’s GANTT charts, Kanban boards, team resources, or customizing your own dashboard, your PMs will see what they need the way they want in our agency project management software. Having one place to view projects and tasks allows for easy adaptation on the fly, adjusting timelines and shifting priorities as required.

Deliver projects on-time with automated workflow

Use our project management software for creative and marketing agencies to connect your project plans, resources, tasks, time tracking in one place to avoid double entries. Let dependencies automatically trigger workflows, notifying project managers and their team when it’s time to begin working on the next task. These notifications can be tailored to specific team members so other staff aren’t getting bombarded with irrelevant information and can focus on the work in front of them.

One screen for everything

Keep it simple and remove unnecessary complications. Instead of shuffling between multiple platforms to track tasks, use a single screen to manage entire projects and stay on top of project deadlines. In Function Point’s creative agency project management software you can assign tasks, share files, give feedback, and track time all on one screen.

Optimize agency capacity

Don’t oscillate between peaks of extreme workloads and valleys with nothing much for creatives to do. Function Point’s all-in-one agency management solution features easily customizable project management tools for advertising agencies. These tools give you the confidence you need to know when there is capacity to take on new work and to flawlessly deliver results.

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“To those considering Function Point, I would suggest providing specific examples of your workflow to the FP team. Ask them to recreate those specific needs in a test scenario so you can better visualize how FP can provide solutions tailored to your organization.”

Christy Sevier, Senior Account Executive, Patrick Henry Creative Promotions (PHCP)

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